We arrived at the Big Stump entrance of Kings Canyon NP around 9AM with a list of 3 or 4 fist-come-first-served campground possibilities. The first campground to which we went was Dorst Creek, which I had researched previously and read that there were walk-up options. Unfortunately, that was not the case and the campground was full. From there we backtracked a few miles to Stoney Creek Campground. Out of 50 spots at Stoney Creek, only 4 were first-come-first-served, with only 1 available at the moment we arrived, so we snatched it. We spent the day relaxing, setting up camp, and dipping our feet in Stoney Creek. The next day started at 6AM with a 30-40 minute drive to Moro Rock Trailhead. We hiked the steep rock and took in the views before heading to Crescent Meadow with a drive through tunnel-log on the way. Once we got to Crescent Meadow we hiked part way around the meadow to Chimney Tree when we spotted a black bear across the meadow. We hiked around the meadow to see if we could get a little closer, but we found ourselves finishing the loop with no luck. Then we started to hike Thorp's Log, but on our way around the meadow the second time, we ran into a wildlife photographer who was set up on the trail. Curious, we approached him and he quietly pointed out the bear, about 20 feet in front of us, crouched in the meadow. We followed the photographer, following the bear, from about 20-30 feet away for about a half-hour, snapping photos the whole time. Once the bear disappeared over the ridge, we headed for Thorp's Log (to which we never actually made it due to a wrong turn). We headed back to the campsite for a swim and planned the next few days out before heading into our hammocks for the night. The next day started with a drive towards Grant Village in Kings Canyon NP. We checked out the lodge and ate a non-camp-stove-meal before hiking to General Grant Tree. We headed back to Moro Rock for sunset since our first visit there was in harsh/hazy light conditions. On our way to Moro Rock we stopped for the walk down to General Sherman - the largest tree in the world. We ended our stay in Sequoia watching the sunset from the top of Moro Rock!

Next stop, Yosemite National Park after a few nights of rest in an airbnb near Springville in the Sequoia National Forest.