We first decided to plan for a honeymoon road trip a few years back when we just started getting into traveling on the road. We wanted so badly to have the freedom of going wherever, whenever, but that wasn't an option for us before we were married, so we were stoked on the opportunity to take a few weeks our of our summer and have the freedom to explore. 

Before we took off for our roadtrip, we booked a few days on airbnb at the lone wolf cabin in Oakridge, OR. We spent some time visiting Eugene on our first day to return Mike's rental suit from Generation Tux and grab some coffee. Our stay in Oakridge was just what we needed before heading out on the road, not knowing where we would be sleeping each night.

The cabin at which we stayed was on many acres of private property with hiking trails which we spent some time exploring during our trip.

Next stop, Smith Rock!