wedding planning: invitations

There are so many routes you can take when deciding where to start with invitations. I did a lot of searching on Esty for a template or an affordable calligraphist, or getting them printed through shutterfly, but nothing was as cost efficient as I was hoping. I was searching around for some ideas when I came across The Way Fam's wooden invites. We absolutely loved this idea, but with the amount it would cost to mail them, it took us right back to not being cost effective. Instead, I used their idea of making a stamp, but instead of printing on wood, just printing on paper to make it affordable.

I began crafting our invitations on photoshop, starting with our logo made by Hyssop Design, and getting ideas from other templates on Pinterest. Free fonts were my JAM. I sent off my proof to The Stamp Foundry on Etsy, and got a 4x6 stamp within a few weeks! Since this route saved us so much money, I splurged on a drool-worthy return address stamp made by Substation Paperie. We went with keeping our theme as earthy and natural as possible, using brown paper for both the invitation and the envelope.

Since our wedding is in Oregon, and many of our guests are traveling from California, we opted to include a "guest recommendation" insert to make it more personal by including our favorite places while giving our guests a fun resource to refer to. To make these, I just used photoshop and printed them for free at my school on card stock!

We planned on leaving it at that, but I came across shutterfly's free 100 print promotion on 4x4 prints using their app. I made 2 separate accounts and ordered 200 free prints, paying only $13 for shipping! I opted to address the invitations myself - I suggest spending your spare time practicing calligraphy which can save you a ton of money come wedding planning time!