Why a Tiny House?

We'd always admired tiny houses for their simplicity and functionality but hadn't seriously considered living in one ourselves until a few months ago when we were planning for the next couple of years.  

I was finishing up my stay at community college and in the process of choosing a university to attend for my final two undergraduate years.  I really wanted to go to the University of California, Irvine because of their prestigious criminology department.  Other universities presented more inexpensive housing options but we both liked UCI for various reasons.  We will be married and living together for my final year of university so we knew that we'd be wanting our own place near the campus.  Although we knew we wanted to end up in Irvine, we weren't excited about the high cost of housing so we started looking at alternative living options.  That's when we had the idea to build and live in our own tiny house on wheels.  

To build our tiny house, we will spend about the same amount of money as we would if we rented an apartment for the two years but we'd come away from undergraduate school owning a house that we could take anywhere we want.  We did some research and preliminary planning before talking it over with family and finally deciding to go for it.  We lined up a build site and a general plan by the beginning of the spring semester 2016, deciding to start the project at the beginning of our summer break from school.

Our plan is to work on the house full-time from May to August, finishing most of the big parts of the build before Jen moves back to Salem, Oregon for her senior year of undergraduate school.  If all goes according to our plans, I will live in the house during my first year in Irvine.  Then, one year later, we will both live in the house for our first year of marriage, my final year of undergraduate school.

We plan to post on this blog regularly with updates about the project, our successes, and struggles.