Parking Plans

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is regarding where we will put our tiny house. For now, it will stay in Granada Hills until the build is finished and Mike heads down to Irvine for the Fall. In order to answer this question in full, we have to back up to why we decided to go tiny in the first place. Mike will have two years at UCI before he is through with school, the second being while we are married. It's too far for him to commute from Granada Hills, so the only option we thought we had was to rent. Once we realized how expensive renting would be, building a mobile tiny house became an increasingly desirable option. Renting a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment close to UCI would cost roughly $1,500 a month. Two years later, we'd be down $36,000 and be looking for another place. The cost of building our DIY tiny house will be about $20,000 - $27,000 and will provide us with a house of our own that we can live in for as long as we need to in our transition period of moving to Oregon after Mike finishes school. So that clearly made the most sense to us, and provided us with the most adventure.

Here we are now, starting the build and still looking for a parking spot.  One option is to find someone willing to rent out their backyard or land to us. We've posted on a few Facebook groups, land rental websites, and Craigslist in search of a parking spot but our concern that nothing will come up has us searching for an alternate plan.  Another option is to buy a house with a backyard near UCI, rent it out to pay the mortgage on the property, and keep the backyard as a parking spot for us to live in our tiny house.  If all else fails, we could always rent a spot in an RV park while we continue to search for a parking spot.

As for the long-term future of the tiny house, we have a few options down the road once Mike finishes school and we're ready to move to Oregon. One is to sell it, making our building costs back and perhaps a profit - similar tiny houses go for about $20,000 - $50,000. Another option is to park it in Oregon on our property and rent it our as a vacation rental, or simply keep it as a guest house for visitors.

For two twenty year olds, this probably sounds pretty daunting. It is. But we're excited about investing in our future and looking forward to see how God will use the plans He has for us for His glory!

-Mike & Jen