Sheathing & Roof

Once the walls were constructed and extra cross-braces were in place to support our choice to use larger windows, we were ready to apply the sheathing and construct the roof. 

We got 3/4" CD Plywood for sheathing the walls, which went up quickly with the help of gracious family members. Once it was tacked on, Mike and I were able to continue the work by using 2.5" ring shank nails to attach the sheathing every 4" on the edges and every 6" in the field.

For the roof, we used 2x6x10 pieces of wood to construct the roof, notching each end to sink into the top sill plate. Once that was through, Mike spent hours throughout the week blocking between each 2x6x10 to enforce the structure of the roof. Once that was finished, it was time to apply 1/2" CD Plywood on the roof, install the windows and door, and apply weatherproofing to the house! Once we finished that, Mike and I will be off to Oregon for a week and a half to move me into school for the semester, and Mike will return to work on the house during the school year.